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Corresponding Steam/CD-Audio tracks for Opposing Force
-->Download Opposing Force/Blue-Shift Soundtrack for Steam Versions

Note: some of the MP3s contained in Steam are left out in this list as they are tracks from the 27-track soundtrack of the original Half-Life. Opposing Force and Blue Shift only have 19 tracks in their soundtracks and so the extra tracks are not used.

Complete Steam MP3/Opposing Force/Blue Shift CD Track Comparison
(This is assuming that Track 1 on the CD is the data track and not the first track in the soundtrack)

Steam MP3 Opposing Force CD Track Blue Shift CD Track
Half-Life01.mp3 = Track 02 = Track 12
Prospero01.mp3 = Track 03 = Track 14
Half-Life12.mp3 = Track 04 = Track 15
Half-Life07.mp3 = Track 05 = Track 16
Half-Life10.mp3 = Track 06 = *Track 17
Suspense01.mp3 = Track 07 = Track 18
Suspense03.mp3 = Track 08 = Track 19
Half-Life09.mp3 = Track 09 = Track 20
Half-Life02.mp3 = Track 10 = Track 02
Half-Life13.mp3 = Track 11 = Track 03
Half-Life04.mp3 = Track 12 = Track 04
Half-Life15.mp3 = Track 13 = Track 05
Half-Life14.mp3 = Track 14 = Track 06
Half-Life16.mp3 = Track 15 = Track 07
Suspense02.mp3 = Track 16 = Track 08
Half-Life03.mp3 = Track 17 = Track 09
Half-Life08.mp3 = Track 18 = Track 10
Prospero02.mp3 = Track 19 = Track 11
Half-Life05.mp3 = Track 20 = Track 13
*Track 17 on the Blue Shift soundtrack is a blank track.

Regarding the Blue-Shift Soundtrack

It is my opinion that the Blue-Shift soundtrack was screwed up when it was put together. It's the same as the Opposing Force soundtrack, but the themes that are played are sometimes completely out of place in the game. This is due to the tracks being placed in the incorrect order when assembled for production (probably an alphebetical arrangement problem. You can notice this in the comparison list above). Also, track 6 from the Opposing Force soundtrack is missing from the Blue-Shift CD while track 17 on the Blue-Shift CD is blank with a few seconds of silence. It can be assumed that track 17 on the Blue-Shift CD was meant to be track 6 from the Opposing Force CD but never made it in for some reason or another (accident?).

WON/Sierra release users: If you are to truly enjoy your experience in playing Blue-Shift, I suggest that you rearrange the the CD Audio tracks in the correct "Opposing Force order" rather than the incorrect "Blue-Shift order" and burn an alternative Audio CD for you to play Blue-Shift with (keeping in mind that track 1 will not be played because the game assumes it is a data track. So you'll have to fill this track in with whatever you want and have the soundtrack start at track 2).

Steam release users: The above option will work for Steam versions as well, so long as the cd is present in your CD Drive. Another alternative, however, is to use the Steam/CD track comparison list to make your own MP3s and drop them into your "/bshift/media/index.html" folder. A third option is to not use anything at all and use the regular Half-Life soundtrack since it seems to work quite well with Blue-Shift (whereas it doesn't work well with Opposing Force).

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